Global Challenges

In the past three decades, one-third of our planet’s total available resources have been consumed. The age of abundance is over, and we are living beyond our means. We need to re-invent much of what we know, and we need to do it rapidly.

Rising Potential

We face these challenges as a globally connected society, with an unprecedented potential for learning, collaboration and invention. Big changes and brilliant innovation are already happening, en masse—the future is bright.

We partner with progressive businesses and organisations to reimagine their strategies, products and services for a brighter future.

Create Net Benefit

When we innovate products and services we are aiming for a net social, economic and environmental gain.

Higher Quality

We look for ways to increase the quality of the value (rather than quantity) being delivered to customers.

Beyond Trust

People no longer take your word for it. We look for ways to prove your brand values by doing, not just saying.

Thick Value is genuine value, generated without causing economic harm to people or the planet, and based on two axioms.


Through the act of exchange an organisation cannot—by action or inaction—allow people, communities, society, the natural world, or future generations to come to economic harm.


Creating more value of higher quality, not just low-quality value in greater quantity. Think of it as reconceiving value creation: not merely creating larger amounts of thin, inconsequential value, but learning to create value of greater worth.

Thick value is a term coined by economist Umair Haque in his book the New Capitalist Manifesto. It's great.

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