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Designing each part of a service to make it more useful, usable, efficient, effective and desirable

Service design is the process in which we deliberately craft both the experience and the delivery of your services, to increase the value for both the user and you, the service provider.

On the customer side, we examine their journey in sequence, individual touch points, service moments and any other parts of the service surface. For the service provider, we design culture, operations and capacity.

What we do

There are many tools and activities that fall under the Service Design umbrella, we select them according to the needs of each project.


Service Design - Co-Creation

Co-creation is a central theme in service design. It's the process of getting diverse groups to actively engage in making solutions.

It often means getting people from different groups (e.g. staff and customers) and different disciplines (e.g. economists and designers) together to explore issues and ideas from different solutions. It is not about passive feedback, it's about generating concepts and inspiration.

Journey Mapping

A journey map is a visualisation of a series of interactions with a service over time. Direct service interactions may take the form of face-to-face discussion, a phone call, a visit to a business or website engagement.

Service Design - Journey Mapping

We use the maps to build a high-level overview of a person's experience, build empathy with their experience, explore user needs and opportunites to adapt the service.


Service Design - Prototyping

We prototype to communicate our ideas and begin to test them as quickly as possible. Prototypes are really powerful as they allow us to demonstrate and explore ideas, they enable all of the stakeholders to understand, evaluate and contribute.

We use paper prototyping to test touchpoints and service enactments to validate user experiences and service flows.

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