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Generating actionable, human insights

Design research practice builds our understanding of the everyday lives and experiences of the people we are designing for.

We capture the process to create a rich pool of inspiration which informs and inspires for better outcomes.

What we do

We have expertise and experience in a wide range of research methods, it's the basis of everything we do.

Contextual Exploration

The best insights come from finding out how people act and think, rather than listening to what they say. We use methods borrowed from ethnography that allow us to dig deep and explore people in their own contexts.

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There are several techniques for doing this—from observation to interviews and workshops in people's natural environments.

Cultural Probes

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A cultural probe is a tool that allows research participants to record their own observations over time.

Tailor-made for each project, these probes encourage people to record their behaviour, surroundings, interactions, thoughts and reflections. Cultural probes allow us to collect large amounts of data over short periods of time.


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The second phase of design research includes methods that help us validate our thinking, prototypes and designs.

We can test anything from big scale service flows, by enacted service interactions, through to contextual product trialling and detailed usability testing on digital platforms.

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