Business Design - Workshop

Setting your organisation to innovate and thrive into the future

If your industry is being disrupted by technical, social or environmental factors (which it is), you don’t have time to improve your way through it, you need to harvest new ideas and innovate.

Design methods offer a practical, safe way of innovating—they are generative, inclusive, iterative and evidence driven.

What we do

We bring strategic design thinking to everything we do, design methods are perfect for strategic innovation.

Create Thick Value

Business Design - Thick Value

Thick Value means minimising harm and maximising good. It means interrogating all parts of your business model and looking for opportunities to create higher quality, more sustainable value.

We study the latest technologies, business models and thought-leaders in this space. Business design process can identify the opportunities that suit your organisation and brand.

Business Growth

Generative and exploratory processes are important in nurturing and evaluating new products and services.

Business Design - Growth

We work with our clients to design and improve business models. A business model is a complete ecosystem – the partners, activities, customers, channels, costs and relationships that support the value proposition.

Future Thinking Workshops

Business Design - Strategic Foresight

What are the opportunities and risks for your organisation over the coming decades?

Co-creation and scenario planning enable stakeholders from different disciplines and perspectives to explore, visualise and plan pro-actively in a rapidly changing world.

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