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Design for Change is a motley crew of designers, creatives and troublemakers who know that good creative work and social justice go hand in hand.

Thick is a long time supporter of Oxfam and the Design for Change program, so we were excited to co-host the Melbourne launch, Trouble/Makers.

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Event Design

Aimed at inspiring students to think beyond traditional careers, the event allowed students to connect on multiple levels. From the gallery of famous troublemakers (including Patti Smith, Ai Weiwei, Stefan Sagmeister and others) to the fully-enclosed cinema showing important social documentaries and examples of design during the 20th Century.

The main event featured six roundtable discussions with artists and design professionals discussing a range of topics, such as careers for good and the role of art and sustainability.

Thick co-organised the event with Oxfam, pulling together the event on a small budget, making the most of some milk crates, chipboard, neon, astroturf and the street.

We also secured some generous sponsors, allowing us to bring in food trucks for catering and sustainable beer from Mountain Goat.

Oxfam Design For Change Event


Not only did the event attract over 200 people, but many also commented that it was a more valuable experience than most conferences they went to, and students left feeling motivated and energised to change the world.

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