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Young people can have an old-fashioned concept of intelligence.

In their world, they're either born with it, or they're not. This “I’m no good at maths” way of seeing their capability can be incredibly damaging and limiting.

ThinkPlus is a program that teaches children how they think so they can better utilise their unique capabilities and adapt their strategies to learn more successfully.

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It’s concerned with helping young learners grow an awareness of how their brain works, their existing mindset and a series of tools and methods they can use to see learning in a different light.

Based on the latest research in neuroscience, education and intelligence, ThinkPlus aims to equip children with the mindset and skills they will need to thrive in the 21st Century.

Co-creating a Curriculum

The de Bono Institute engaged Thick to partner in designing and delivering the classroom learning experience as well as assisting in the broader strategic development of the program.

We spent much of 2013 co-creating learning experiences in classrooms with children and teachers. The aim was to design a deeply immersive and participatory experience.

Although we co-created the activities and tools, our end-goal was also based on co-creation——we created experiences that children, parents and teachers can construct and experience together.

Design Research

We used a broad range of enquiry and creation methods such as observation, journey mapping, cultural probes, stakeholder workshops and LEGO Serious Play™ to gain meaningful insights and input from the young learners and teachers.

Our work forms part of a formalised Design Research methodology which entailed a greater level of discipline and rigour around how we capture our activities, reflections and implications.

ThinkPlus teacherworkshop


The program remains in development, with additional prototyping and research with participating schools.

Thinkplus is a big idea; it will ultimately see young people building a better understanding of how they learn, and the immense range of choices available in how they tackle challenges.

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