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The necessary distribution of the NBN is a lengthy and costly improvement for the digital future of Australia. The process is a complex one, involving the installation of a fibre optic cable directly from the street into your home.

To speed-up the roll out, the NBN is considering using a different technology that makes the process easier for the consumer. So how do we ensure the product is designed to do just that?

The NBN engaged us to provide user-centric, diverse and actionable insights that would help them make the new technology as simple as possible for consumers to set up and get connected to the internet.

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Contextual interviews

We conducted contextual interviews to better understand consumer needs and test how the equipment worked for multiple user types in an number of contexts. We designed a mock environment in people's homes to show us where and how they would use the two pieces of equipment, the instructions and further preferences on design.

The 1:1 interviews identified the success rate of setting up the equipment and how likely users were to follow instructions and understand the acronyms and jargon.

This enabled us to see the extent and frustration in which homes would have to be re-engineered to allow users to implement the new technology. In contrast, we learnt that people were fairly patient and expected a complex process, but this meant having suitable support services available for those who needed it.

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After research we spent considerable time synthesising the data to draw out the most impactful trends and opportunities. Not only did we present the final results to the NBN team, we produced an illustrated handbook that acted as a ‘how to’ guide, stepping the reader through the major questions and themes discovered during research. It tackled topics from packaging and instructions through to the design of the unit and cables.

The NBN team identified the handbook as a valuable and creative response that could be easily distributed between staff, as it powerfully and simply stated how the product could be developed to ensure it was designed for the human using it.

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