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As café owners in a previous lifetime, KeepCup’s founders were mortified by the number of disposable coffee cups used and discarded year after year.

Today, KeepCup ship their sustainably produced reusable cups to 32 countries, with offices in Australia, the UK and the USA.

As new competitors began entering the market, KeepCup were looking to set their brand apart. They had launched a marketing initiative, Salute The Reuser, aimed at connecting customers with the good they were doing for the environment but were interested in doing something more meaningful, online.

Introducing Reuse Revolution HQ——an online portal to measure the environmental impact of regularly using a KeepCup.


We began by conducting participatory workshops with KeepCup users. During these workshops, we found that although people loved the product itself, most had trouble articulating why a KeepCup is better for the environment.

They said things like “I’m doing the right thing if I recycle paper cups, aren’t I? Are plastic cups really better for the environment? What about compostable cups?” Design Research

Some people would buy a cup, use it for a short time, then stop. They were doing this for many reasons, but mostly because it was so hard to stay motivated, to quantify the good they were doing. We needed to give KeepCup users better information, not just about the benefits of using a KeepCup, but accurate feedback about their usage and inspiration to continue using it.

Collective Impact

Not using a disposable cup is a tiny action, but all of those actions add up quickly.

The idea was to create a platform that allowed users to see their impact, but also the collective impact all KeepCup users (and the cafés they frequent) generate as a community.

The platform would need to operate on a simple premise of value exchange—by giving people useful feedback around their contribution to environmental good, they’d be inspired to continue to use it and share their information.

Meet Cuppleberry

We developed a character we called Cuppleberry, and gamified a KeepCup owners journey; visually displaying their KeepCup usage on a timeline, quantifying the real-world benefit their usage represents.

At every milestone, users are rewarded with a digital badge of honour they can share with their friends. By making a person’s impact tangible in this way, they are given positive reinforcement for continued use.

The platform also uses a combination of social media hooks and triggered email reminders to keep people engaged with their KeepCup and the wider community.

A Clever Platform

Our time developed the brand and character design, but also built the web experience and back-end smarts.

We are currently working with KeepCup to further expand the platform to be tailored for corporate clients, with custom group milestones, competitions and customisable branding.


Launching the platform is the first step in an ongoing collaboration with KeepCup. It’s a genuinely iterative project that will continue to grow and develop over time as we learn more about how people use their KeepCups and what inspires them to keep using them.

As more businesses and organisations sign-up to the platform, we’ll start reaching the significant numbers we need to communicate the value of collective impact.

Not only does it tell a more compelling brand narrative, but it gives KeepCup users the confidence and belief in the power of reuse and encourages others to join them on their journey.

KeepCuppleberry on a raft

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