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Setting a new standard for public sector digital services.

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We listened to real business people

Instead of guessing, we asked. We asked entrepreneurs, tradespeople, exporters and migrants. We asked real people what they wanted and how they felt. They wanted a responsive website that worked on any screen size — anywhere, anytime.

User Experience workshop

We made it simpler

We removed (almost) everything. Fewer images. Fewer buttons. Fewer choices to make. What’s left either helps you find what you’re looking for, read information or complete tasks. Our job is done when your job is done.

Content page designed with a focus on clarity

Don’t make me think

We vastly reduced the number of decisions the user had to make on any page. Testing real scenarios with real people helped us identify a predictable, logical information architecture.

Decision Points
Previous homepage had 52 more decision points

Many devices, one experience

Our responsive design adapts elegantly to any device, delivering a consistent user experience. Our design scale was built around a 72px x 72px grid to accommodate touch at all times. We even delivered a best of breed site on Internet Explorer 7.

Many Devices v3
Responsive layout adapts to any device

We talk their language

We made sure that the website’s content is written in a no-nonsense manner that’s genuinely helpful. We’ve attached real life examples in the form of case studies, always in context to real world business problems.

We made it actionable

Layouts are about quickly orienting a user to the page’s purpose, giving them scannable content in plain English, then guiding them to next actions.

Mobile Content
Next steps are restricted to logical calls to action

We made it accessible to all

We practiced real world accessibility — not just meeting the letter of the Government requirements for text size and colour contrast, but making sure that users with disabilities enjoyed the same clear journey through the site.

We made it fly

Business Victoria is one of the highest trafficked sites in the state, so we knew improving performance would have a huge impact on productivity. We shaved 17% off page load time, while serving 20% more visitors.

We made it fly v2

Businesses love it

Feedback from the site’s audience has been fantastic, maybe the best thing we’re hearing is that “it doesn't feel like visiting a Government site”. Our peers in the Design, UX and Accessibility communities have also lauded the site for setting a new standard in this space.

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